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Welcome to 2021!

instc 2021 01 07 172545.951 - Welcome to 2021! instc 2021 01 07 172546.107 - Welcome to 2021!I’m not one to set resolutions – for plenty of reasons… the major one being: I notice that we, as humans, are so quick to just slap a resolution on things at the beginning of each calendar year. Feeling uncomfortable with body = instantly need to lose x amount of pounds. Unhappy with current life = run away and find a new one! Eat, pray, love, problem solved! …If only it worked like that 🙂

As I’ve been dedicating more and more time to mindset and personal growth, I’ve learned the importance of doing that shadow work; the not so shiny, can’t be remedied with a face mask, a $7 latte, or hash tagging a selfie with #selflove, kind of investigating. It’s much deeper: deprogramming of past identities and beliefs that have limited us from believing we are deserving of that dream body or life we so deeply desire.

Think of it as cleaning up the cobwebs of the brain (not to brag, but mine somehow began to resemble the haunted mansion these past couple months). Your mind is your mansion, and this year, you want to get some updated furniture up in there! It’s tempting to head straight to the fun part: the Pottery Barn or Z Gallerie sites, and start gleefully adding to cart… But first: we need to clean up what’s already happening in that beloved mansion. What’s the state of the current furniture? Could you benefit from a weekend spent doing a deep cleaning? I get it, no one’s ideal weekend consists solely of dusting, sweeping, or organizing. But that doesn’t make it any less necessary – especially if your aim is to spruce up the place.instc 2021 01 07 172546.275 - Welcome to 2021! instc 2021 01 07 172546.933 - Welcome to 2021! instc 2021 01 08 181304.265 - Welcome to 2021!Life is very similar to that. It’s always going to be tempting to pile on the new, in an effort to avoid current dissatisfactions. It can be a temporarily beautiful distraction from the current reality, but we aren’t *actually* moving forward; only further overwhelming and weighing down our minds.

As of late, I’ve come to embrace shadow work, because I know it’s the first step on the journey of achieving any goal I have in mind. If I want to perform at my best, I need to have a clear mind, and only cling to whatever I believe to be true and edifying.instc 2021 01 08 181304.423 - Welcome to 2021! instc 2021 01 08 181304.589 - Welcome to 2021!

Whatever goal, dream, or idea you have in mind (for this year, or any thereafter) – I believe in you! And you should too. Do yourself a favor by beginning the process by clearing out the old, dead weight. You’ll feel that much lighter, and prepared for what’s to come! Oh, and happy 2021! I know it’s been a hot minute, but I’m looking forward to catching up very soon 🙂


Wearing one of my all time favorite swim brands, Serei (small business + female owned!).

Arun top
Kaliyan bottoms

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