IMG 4567 - Advice I'd Give My Graduating Self

Advice I’d Give My Graduating Self

Graduation season is among us! It feels like just yesterday I was walking across the Staples Center stage to fetch my diploma for my time spent at FIDM. By that point, I was ready to get the ball rolling, and move onto the next phase of my life. Looking back, there are more than a few things I wish I had a wide enough scope of to keep in mind… But c’est la vie! I’m a firm believer in utilizing life’s lessons as stepping stones, to help leverage us on to the next step. And every stepping stone I’ve acquired has led me to this exact moment. However: In preparation for future potential time travel, I couldn’t help but ponder what the one piece of advice I’d give my 20 year old, graduating self.


Graduation post back in 2015

IMG 4566 - Advice I'd Give My Graduating Self

From my college Graduation post back in 2015 🙂


‘Befriend uncertainty’ is what I’d tell that girl! Don’t even just accept it; invite uncertainty into your home and heart, with enthusiasm and confidence that there is no clear or straight path in life. Once you learn to see things the way they are unfolding, instead of the way you insist they occur, life opens up immensely. Immediately, there is freedom to explore and experiment, away from judgement. And a myriad of grace and softness you’re capable of showing yourself each time something doesn’t go exactly as imagined. When you befriend uncertainty, you are telling life/God ‘I trust you.’ You know that life will always work out for your good, so you’re free to create and experience each moment, without projecting expectations.

This has been one of the more crucial lessons in my 20’s, and I’m not even slightly regretful or upset that this wasn’t a realization/ thought upon my college graduation. I learned it through events I would have considered ‘earth shattering’, but really, everything was falling perfectly (and violently…) into place.

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grad adventure graduation invitation - Advice I'd Give My Graduating Self

Love this one — reminds me of my cap!

mod tassel graduation invitations - Advice I'd Give My Graduating Self

elegant party graduation invitations - Advice I'd Give My Graduating Self

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Huge thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post, and congratulations to all the 2020 graduates!


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