IMG 5767 - My Tips on Staying (Semi) Sane!

My Tips on Staying (Semi) Sane!

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IMG 5721 Facetune 02 05 2020 14 20 55 1499x2000 - My Tips on Staying (Semi) Sane!Hello from quarantine day (??) who even knows. I’m not one to attempt coaxing anyone into completing, achieving, mastering, or learning anything at this point in time. The number of ways to experience this pandemic are as vast as the number humans experiencing it, and as predicted, there is no blanket formula for how our days should be structured. This has certainly rung true for me, as some days I’m feeling productive, excited, and positive, and others… I spend more time crying and shirking responsibilities out of rebellion and annoyance. So, while every day has become its own mountain to be conquered, I’ve come to realize that there are undeniably a few factors that contribute to my days erring on the more productive and positive side:

List, List, List

I’m a list lover. In all phases of life – pandemic or otherwise. There are countless ways to approach this, however, my most useful method as of late has been creating lists every evening for what I want to accomplish the next day (or that week). The best thing abut this tactic is it doesn’t *completely* matter what’s listed. For instance, maybe you jot down a chore you do daily (water plants, make the bed, etc..). It truly doesn’t matter how tiny the task is (especially right now!). The point is that you are providing yourself a sense of structure, and are able to visualize your accomplishments each time you check them off. Serotonin boost! I keep a running list I’m constantly adding ideas and tasks to. Review it before bed to let your subconscious take over/ help you problem solve in your sleep!IMG 5693 1500x2000 - My Tips on Staying (Semi) Sane!IMG 5767 1696x2000 - My Tips on Staying (Semi) Sane!

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You didn’t need me to tell you this: the world is changing swiftly. That fact can frighten you, OR you can understand the inevitability of this, and take advantage of certain ‘gaps’ being created. As we’re all shifting and adjusting to new normals, this is the perfect time to be a novice. If you’ve ever pondered a career change, cultivating a new skill/ hobby, or any other curiosities you’ve never managed to out-run… this is the most opportune moment to find peace with being bad at something new. We all have to start somewhere.


Take a Breather

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing we need to be connected 24/7,  hear minute-by-minute news updates, and keep every person with our cellphone number in a constant loop. Absolutely not. This is a fact I always abide by, but I’ve had to remind myself of it’s ‘okay-ness’ the past couple of months. I think we could (mostly) all stand to be a bit less high-maintenace (-in general, and now more than ever). Let’s loosen the reigns on what we expect from others and ourselves right now; we’re all taking it day-by-day. You needing some space, fresh air, and a break from technology doesn’t make you a horrible friend. It makes you human! Remember to extend that same kindness and understanding to your loved ones, as they’re also navigating this uncertain time. Also: get outside at some point every day! Don’t forget your sunscreen, and keep your distance, but you need some sun and fresh air 🙂



What tips would you guys add to this? I’m all ears! Anything to help keep the spirits up these days… Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo!


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