IMG 1010 - Will you be my Valentine?!

Will you be my Valentine?!

IMG 0980 1333x2000 - Will you be my Valentine?!IMG 0983 - Will you be my Valentine?!Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just a day away. I think the last time I remember thoroughly enjoying the holiday was back in elementary school – when we all stuck together and were each other’s Valentines! Now its’s every woman for herself… which, year after year, has left me with a Valentine who knows exactly what I want… 😉 Whatever the current  relationship status – I’ll take any excuse to wear a pop of pink and justify an afternoon of binge-eating chocolate.

To be frank… I wish I had more to say today. I’ve probably exhausted myself, talking off the ears of my friends — sorry! I’m currently in New York, and checked off a major 2020 (and life) goal of mine, yesterday. How does everyone else feel in moments like that?! I’ve been having to make a conscious effort, and reminding myself to slow down every once in a while (especially difficult while in NYC). There are numerous experiences, feelings, and moments that I’ve visualized for so long, and to see them now, appearing casually and naturally in my reality is slightly dumfounding, but things have never felt more right.IMG 1002 - Will you be my Valentine?!IMG 0995 - Will you be my Valentine?!IMG 0998 - Will you be my Valentine?!Now, unrelated to that last sentiment, and reverting back into Valentine’s Day mode: a few of my favorite love-centric quotes:

“Fall in love with someone who is both your safe place and your biggest adventure.”

“You deserve a wild love from a gentle soul.”

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.”

“Love has no stipulations; it does not say ‘I’ll love you when’ or ‘I’ll love you until then.’ Love holds no limits. Love has no bounds. Love pours into people’s souls until they are overflowing.”

“You cannot save people. You can only love them.”

“You deserve somebody who inspires you towards greater things, while loving you exactly as you are.”

“Always choose love. Love is action, not emotion. Don’t miss that.”

“Love is never wasted, for its value does not depend on reciprocity.”

IMG 1010 - Will you be my Valentine?!IMG 0984 - Will you be my Valentine?!Linking a few February 14th favorites below, if you feel like spoiling yourself, OR if your Valentine needs to be pointed in the right direction. I gotchu.

Wearing the Tony bag (by Hammitt LA) both in these pictures and right now, on this rainy New York day. Styling couldn’t be more contrasting, but we love a versatile bag! Sharing its current contents on my stories 🙂IMG 0987 - Will you be my Valentine?!

What are your plans for tomorrow? Is Valentine’s Day your scene, or are you skipping it altogether?
Have a marvelous Thursday! Screen Shot 2017 12 10 at 4.56.55 PM - Will you be my Valentine?!