IMG 0279 - Winter Skin Necessities

Winter Skin Necessities

IMG 0287 - Winter Skin NecessitiesIMG 0311 - Winter Skin NecessitiesIt’s the most wonderful time of the year — for your skin to completely rebel against you(!). As a bonafide beach-going gal, it probably comes as no surprise that winter and I… don’t always see eye-to-eye…

Upsides to winter: Teddy coats, festive holidays, strung lights, hot chocolate, snow-adorned landscapes

Downsides to winter: Your skin/ body completely revolting against you, due to the change in weather (and likely, routine).


Since (regardless of geography) I’m sure we’re all in a similar boat, I wanted to share a few tips to bear in mind while traversing these rough winter months 😉IMG 0315 - Winter Skin NecessitiesIMG 0268 - Winter Skin NecessitiesIMG 0279 - Winter Skin NecessitiesNail cream. This Shea Butter Hand and Nail Cream has been a God-send. Terry (the owner of Travertine) first gave me a sample a few years ago, and since then I’ve accumulated quite a few, and have them stashed in my bags and on my nightstand. I use it every singe time I do my nails, as my cuticles are usually at their absolute worst, during this point. When I was in Colorado last spring, my entire body felt SO dry and parched from the altitude; I lathered my hands in this a few times a day (and made everyone else do the same – in true Kendra fashion), and it was just what I needed. Gotta keep those hands looking youthful 😉

Vaseline. If you only have enough space for one product in your day/work bag… this is my suggestion! My love for vaseline knows no limits – it’s truly a unicorn of a product. A few uses I enjoy: Lips, under-eyes and eyelids before bed, scars that are healing, eyelashes for ‘no makeup mascara’, cuticles, and on dry feet. Plus, it costs all of $4; a product I believe we should all always have lying around. Especially during winter months!IMG 0215 - Winter Skin NecessitiesIMG 0219 - Winter Skin NecessitiesIMG 0220 - Winter Skin NecessitiesHair masks. These have completely revitalized my hair over the past few years. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was somehow NOT incorporating them into my routine until meeting a hairstylist who explained the importance of them to me. Everyone loves a good old fashioned face mask – but let’s not forget about that hair! Obviously, everyone has a different hair type/ texture/ etc., but one thing is for certain: keep it nice and hydrated (keyword of this entire blog post).

Exfoliation. Think of exfoliating as ‘out with the old, in with the new.’ While it may sound counterintuitive to practice this while your skin is in such a dry state… that’s exactly why it should be done! Our skin becomes dry, then flaky, then next thing you know, there’s a barren layer of skin prohibiting your fancy skincare products from properly doing their job.

Body oils. Introducing my newest obsession: Essence of Rose body oils. My sister connected me with Biru, the owner of this shop, and her products immediately became a coveted segment of my day/ nighttime routine. Combating dry skin is all about hydration; oils are known to trap in moisture, making them that much more effective than lotions. I’m currently using all four of Biru’s scents, but have to give a special shoutout to Serene as my absolute favorite! Post-shower, I lather my entire body in the oil and feel instantly renewed. Water can be so dehydrating on our skin, so finishing up with the oil is a nice way to ‘give back’ after a warm winter shower.IMG 0200 - Winter Skin NecessitiesWhich products would you consider your must haves during this time of the year?

Thanks for stopping by – hope you’re having the best week!


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  1. I absolutely love these body oils and Serene is my fav as well. I have gone through 4 bottles in the last 2 months. Use them all the time. Great quality product !!

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