IMG 4979 - My First Time Using Retinol, With Olay!

My First Time Using Retinol, With Olay!

IMG 4978 - My First Time Using Retinol, With Olay!It’s been four weeks since I received the package of my dreams from Olay — their new Retinol 24 products, accompanied by chocolate galore. Let me start by saying: my skin has been through it lately. Returning from the humidity of Mexico just in time to journey to the East Coast, where wind and dryness linger in the autumn air, sure put my skin through the wringer.

As I’ve been mixing and matching/ working to incorporate these products into my (often extensive) nighttime skincare routine, it’s taken me a minute to find a groove that both my skin and I can agree on. As aforementioned: travel, change in climate, hormones, inconsistent routines, diet changes (to name a few), have made it difficult to pin down a new ‘normal’ worth placing confidence in. But I think we have arrived!

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Out of the trifecta that is Olay’s Retinol 24 products, I have to give a special shoutout to the Night Serum. For starters, since running out of my previous serums (way too many months ago), I had been skipping the step altogether (I know, I know). So this was obviously a warmly welcomed product. Can we please talk about this formula, because it seriously feels like satin for your skin! It’s lightweight, goes on smoothly, and isn’t sticky or tacky in any way (not at all a fan of that feeling, and guessing you aren’t either).
IMG 4979 - My First Time Using Retinol, With Olay!
In the PM
As a well-aware possessor of sensitive skin, I found that the best application process for me is to view these products as a ‘treatment’ of sorts. Meaning: I don’t use all 3 products at once, every night. I initially went full throttle, doing just the opposite, but quickly found it was overwhelming for my skin, and it was best to introduce these new ingredients (my first time trying retinol, after all) slowly. 
  In the AM
Prepare to wake up with baby-soft skin. And I mean it. I noticed that my skin felt firmer, smoother, and my pores were less noticeable. Even better: I still feel the effects, long after I’ve washed my face + completed my morning routine.

A big thank you to Olay for sponsoring this blog post! It’s been so great trying out and reviewing all three Retinol 24 products. Are any of you currently using retinol products in your nighttime routine? If not, get your hands on some at the links below!

Night Face Moisturizer

Night Eye Cream

Night Serum


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