1570153089849 filtered - 10 Items I Never Travel Without (and you shouldn't, either)

10 Items I Never Travel Without (and you shouldn’t, either)

1570153089849 filtered 1500x2000 - 10 Items I Never Travel Without (and you shouldn't, either)Hola mis amigos! Last night I returned from 8 days in Mexico, and during my time there, I found myself filing certain items I packed under the mental list of ‘Things I Never Travel Without.’ Regardless of destination, or even length of the trip, there are a few possessions (besides the obvious: toothbrush, undergarments… duh and duh) that are must-haves, in my book…1570037434885 filtered - 10 Items I Never Travel Without (and you shouldn't, either)IMG 0455 - 10 Items I Never Travel Without (and you shouldn't, either)+ Nikes/ running shoes from hiking to walking to town, using the hotel gym, or rushing to catch your flight. These are always necessary

+ Face mask I’ve learned to prepare for the worst when it comes to skincare. I’ve made the mistake of traveling excessively light, and in turn, neglecting to bring along products that I *only* use every 2-3 days… never again! Masks really help renew the skin (especially after travel + a change in climate + altogether new conditions), so if anything, it’ll be needing extra TLC + masking during your getaway

+ Exfoliant Similar to the above; think of how clogged our skin becomes on a daily basis… now factor in whatever newness you’re experiencing on top of that. Chlorine? Less than ideal diet? Less exercise? Smoggier air? Your skin will thank you for actively combatting these factors

+ Bikini I think this one goes without saying… especially coming from me. But: even if you’re going to the mountains – hot tubbing in the snow, anyone? It takes up so little space, and once it’s in your luggage, you will literally be ready for anything. Don’t not participate in an impromptu trip to the lake or hot springs, all because you left your bikini behind. Plus, the ones available at gift shops are overpriced and seriously lacking style

+Sunscreen Because we should be wearing this every single day – regardless! My tip is to keep it handy (a travel sized one in your bag), because I know I’m guilty of making any excuse not to apply it to my body (I’m psycho about my face). So, save yourself a few steps and excuses by making it accessible, wherever you areIMG 1306 2019 06 42 30 - 10 Items I Never Travel Without (and you shouldn't, either)+ iPhone tripod Favorite investment ever! Actually, I think my dad bought this for me, as I used his Amazon account lol (thank you dad). But seriously: life changing. Mine has a bluetooth remote, which is SO helpful for taking pictures sans photographer. I hate relying on anyone to capture my vision (#controlling), and actually, some of my best performing pictures on IG are ones I took myself(!).

+ Backpack I use a backpack in my day-to-day life, as I am constantly driving and running around; I learned quickly that I need to be prepared for anything. When it comes to travel, a backpack just makes perfect sense for everyone (IMO). I always use mine as my personal item on the plane, and have two cosmetic bags inside to keep everything organized (loose items are a big ‘no’ for me). Things are always being shuffled around, and you need to be able to locate your passport, $, glasses, phone, etc., as easily as possible. When you get to your destination, you can rearrange and take it with you on a hike or day trip. Practical as can be.

+ Black tee I love the memes about wearing the same outfit every day while at home, and packing clothing you haven’t worn in years, when it comes to vacation. Again: learned the hard way! My everyday style is very low key: bodysuits, tied up tees, cutoffs, high waisted denim, a few accessories, and I’m good. Since I know this, I pack accordingly. I’ve often packed cute (but probably impractical) outfits, and found myself wanting to change into the simplest thing I can get my hands on. A simple tee can be paired with anything; so bring on the bold pants/ skirts, because it’ll match it all.

+ Blanket I think this began when I was 6 or so; my mom would drive my sisters and me to visit family friends an hour away. I felt like that was SUCH a long drive (lol, because I now drive 3-4 hours on a typical day), so I would bring my blanket and pack snacks (so Kendra). Now, I’m not gonna lie, it’s like taking a piece of home with me. Over the last couple of years (primarily for work), I’ve done a fair amount of traveling alone/ with complete strangers… and that can be a bit anxiety inducing. This way, I feel like regardless of the city or hotel I end up at, I can feel that much more comfortable and relaxed. I also get cold easily, and you can wrap yourself up in it on the plane. #winwin

+ Reusable water bottle I love that (many) airports now have water stations where you can refill your bottles! Travel can be full of so many unknowns and unpredictabilities; flight delays, cancellations, stores and restaurants being closed when you land. Keep a bottle on hand – because sustainability! – but also because you never know when you will or won’t be able to refill and keep hydrated

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Anyone have a similar list amassed? What did I miss? I’m interested to hear what everyone else’s travel necessities are. Have a fun weekend!

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