2019.05.02. Kendra  49 - A BOLD Summer

A BOLD Summer

5 weeks and counting until what I consider the most wonderful time of the year 😉 But I suppose it doesn’t matter if it’s technically summer or not, because this weather is seriously playing with us! Lately, the days have been just gloomy enough to keep me from getting distracted by the allure of the warm sand and sparkling Pacific. Other days, I just have to give in and make my way to the coast.2019.05.02. Kendra  56 2000x1333 - A BOLD Summer 2019.05.02. Kendra  58 2000x1334 - A BOLD SummerCan we talk beach style for a second?! Whoever said that being at the beach is an excuse to look like a (*total*) wind-blown mess has it all wrong. My style has always been inspired by the ease, comfort, and overall lack of judgement derived from beach culture. As you can imagine, it’s quite a bit easier to confidently express and experiment with your style in such a relaxed environment. So, that’s what it’s all about this summer!

A quintessential beach day for me falls along the lines of: laying out, swimming, boogie boarding, (hopefully surfing this summer- who’s with me?), reading, snacking (DUH), biking, and hitting up my favorite beach-side bar for sunset drinks. That’s a lot of ground to cover, and you know me well enough to know I feel a sense of duty to be well dressed for all aforementioned activities.

2019.05.02. Kendra  49 1333x2000 - A BOLD Summer 2019.05.02. Kendra  54 1333x2000 - A BOLD SummerMeet my most current swim crush, BOLD Swim. I recently discovered that the Haute Halter (wearing in the color ‘passion’) is going to be my key to a summer of successful beach looks. The halter top offers amazing coverage that can be seamlessly transitioned from ocean swim to sunset stroll. And: this is my first red bikini! How is this possible? I’ve decided a bold red is a true staple piece for all women. Fourth of July, here we come.

In true Kendra fashion, I’ve already imagined a myriad of ways to wear and re-wear this bikini, so I’m sharing a few ideas for pairings below!

350 - A BOLD Summer
2019.05.02. Kendra  55 1333x2000 - A BOLD SummerAre you as ready for summer as me?! I’m so looking forward to beach days, bonfires, and qt with my friends.


I had a great time partnering with BOLD Swim on this summer-themed post, and I hope you enjoyed it as well 🙂

Photos by the fabulous Stefanie Lohde (@stefanie_lohde_fotografie)!

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