Velvet Heart 1 2 - Mental Spring Cleaning

Mental Spring Cleaning

Velvet Heart 1 1333x2000 - Mental Spring CleaningVelvet Heart 1 2 1333x2000 - Mental Spring CleaningBy the time March has landed, I’m more than ready to call it spring.  For me, winter is like: Christmas, New Year’s,  my birthday, Valentine’s Day… okay bye, time to call it a season and move on with our lives.

So, as far as I’m concerned: happy springtime! This time of the year is always an interesting experience: I tend to feel myself bouncing back from the lull of winter weather, and the overall blue spirit of those colder days. You get it: I’m not exactly a winter person (anymore). I’ve found what I love (the sunshine) and I’m just trying to stick with it.

As brighter days await us, I’m finding myself preparing for all spring 2019 will have to offer (which also means thinking a step or two ahead, with my eye (eternally) on summer). As always in life- there’s so much to look forward to in the next few months! Dreaming of all that I want to accomplish and experience has me reverse goal-setting. Typical me: I’m most looking forward to travel, new creative projects, and anything else work-related, BUT on a personal note: my big sister is due in June, and I cannot wait to meet her beautiful daughter and become an aunt!Velvet Heart 1 3 1333x2000 - Mental Spring CleaningVelvet Heart 1 4 1333x2000 - Mental Spring CleaningSpring cleaning exists because, let’s face it: we probably collectively spend December- February letting a lot of crap slide. Overindulging in our favorite foods, binge watching reality tv when it’s ‘too cold’ to step outside (below 70 degrees, if you live in la), and bundling up in layers galore, allowing for an excess of the pre-mentioned. It’s a sick and delicious cycle – that has to end. (For 9 months or so, at least.) Personally, I find myself winter cleaning. And summer cleaning… and autumn cleaning – my closet anyway. Physically cleaning/ organizing is very therapeutic for me, so I try not to assign it a strict timeline, but thankfully, there are more than just physical aspects to consider.

It’s time to take spring inventory of our lives! Are you happy with where you are, in this moment? How do you feel about the people in your life? Are you taking actionable steps everyday? I had no intention of writing a ‘spring cleaning’ post this morning (I had no idea what I wanted to write, truthfully), but I found myself journaling something that just happens to strongly correlate with the topic. I’ve been feeling ‘off’ for the last few weeks – for a myriad of reasons (I know we’ve all been there). I haven’t been able to shake certain feelings/ thought processes that have left me feeling super unlike myself, so this morning I decided to arrange a list of everything I felt had been hindering me, with the intention of leaving them in my journal, and no longer carrying them around with me.

A few things I want to release:

– Inauthentic relationships/ unsupportive people
– Questioning my intuition
– Past failures
– Things/ people that no longer serve me
– Anxiety/ depression
– Negative thinking patterns
– Comparison
– Self-doubt
– Fear
– Sabotaging my own happinessVelvet Heart 1 5 1333x2000 - Mental Spring Cleaning Velvet Heart 1 6 1333x2000 - Mental Spring CleaningVelvet Heart 1 7 1333x2000 - Mental Spring CleaningDecluttering my mind has helped me better navigate the physical aspect of cleaning house, and I’m feeling more clarity already. What does your list look like? What are you intentionally releasing/ deciding you don’t want to tolerate anymore? Sitting down and filing through our subconscious thoughts isn’t always a pretty process, but the outcome leaves our minds good as new and is so worth it!

I hope you’re all gearing up to perform your own rendition of spring cleaning, aaaand… you might as well do it in style 😉 Velvet Heart sent me this adorable dress last week, and it has me craving a flower field and a day spent in the sunshine!


Thanks for stoping by – I hope you have an amazing week!

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