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24 Laps Around the Sun!

I can’t believe it’s officially here: my 24th birthday! 😉 I feel like I turned 23 about 5 minutes ago, but when I look back on the span of the last year, those 365 days felt like an entire lifetime.untitled 1 7 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun!untitled 1 9 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun!untitled 1 8 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun!If I had to describe my 23rd year in one word it would have to be ‘liberated.’ I’ve been so excited for my birthday this year; not because I want to be showered with gifts (I don’t ask for anything these days), or even because I feel like it’s the one day of the year you can drown yourself in champagne and pastries, simply because you’re alive. It feels more personal to me this year, and I’m most looking forward to taking a minute to be proud of my damn self. I’ve grown up a lot this year, and I really know that’s true because I don’t need validation from anyone else, surrounding that fact. untitled 1 14 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun! untitled 1 15 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun! untitled 1 16 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun!For some odd reason, growing up, I always imagined myself married by 24. I’m sure your reaction is something similar to most people in my life: “??? girl, why?!” And I can’t really answer that. However: I’m glad that my type-A, 9 year old self dreamed of this, because it’s given me the opportunity to be reminded of a really important life lesson: Things don’t always turn out the way we imagine, but that doesn’t make what does happen any less beautiful or meaningful. The last few months, with my 24th year looming, I’ve had to accept that what I once wanted wasn’t going to be my reality. BUT, this made way for an even more astonishing realization: I don’t want that anymore!untitled 1 17 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun!untitled 1 21 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun!untitled 1 23 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun!This year, I realized that holding on to what (who, etc.) I once wanted – simply out of habit and comfort- was hindering me from pursuing and obtaining what I wanted in the present moment. Sometimes we have to excuse ourselves from goals, dreams, or even people we once consumed ourselves with, because there is no longer any passion in them. Passion has been such a compass in my life, and I’ve begun to really lean into what it’s trying to tell me. If there’s a guy I’m passionate about, I’ll rearrange my schedule to spend an hour with him; and if there’s someone I feel placid about, making even the most minor of efforts feels like a drag. Maybe this is a flaw of mine. If so, I’ll take it. But my reliance on passion has led me to some amazing opportunities (this year, alone) that would’ve never found me in my comfort zone/ place of complacency. ‘Do it with passion, or not at all’!untitled 1 28 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun!untitled 1 25 1333x2000 - 24 Laps Around the Sun!I feel more myself than I ever have… and that is a remarkable feeling. Everything this past year brought me, all that I’ve seen (and wish I could unsee),  has led back to a sense of peace with my life and the person that I am. Every decision I make is shaping the woman I am becoming, and these days I wake up excited to tackle them with grit and wit 😉

P.S, if you missed the Super Bowl yesterday, you can see the commercial I was a part of here. This was one of my favorite jobs so far, and I felt like such a fangirl watching how it all came together during halftime. Pretty iconic lineup 🙂

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