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Friday Favorites

untitled 6 1333x2000 - Friday Favoritesuntitled 2 1333x2000 - Friday FavoritesHappy Friday! I wanted to pop in say ‘hi’ before we officially call it the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are always a God-send, but I hope that you are all living a life that fills you with purpose and joy every day of the week 🙂 However you’re choosing to spend your days is what you’re exchanging your precious life for, so I hope it’s in alignment with your passions and dreams!

On that note: it’s been a hot minute since I shared a few of my current favorites, so I figured it was time…untitled 1 1333x2000 - Friday Favoritesuntitled 7 1333x2000 - Friday Favorites untitled 8 1333x2000 - Friday FavoritesPodcast: At the very end of 2018 I was having many thought-provoking and inspiring conversations with friends on the topic of manifestation. As I was gearing up to create my vision board for 2019 (like I do every year), I was yearning for a podcast that covered the topic, and I stumbled upon Manifestation Babe. I’m obsessed! I think I listened to every single episode that week; I’ve learned so much and have felt myself making many positive mental shifts that I’m so glad to be pioneering the new year with.

Instagram: I’ve been following these women for a while, but their accounts always make my day- for different reasons.

@Violetclair; Samantha is a talented illustrator who bridges the worlds of art and comedy oh so well. She started this series on her stories called ‘Screenshots with psychopaths (and other stories)’ and it feels like a new favorite tv show to me hah. People submit the most bizarre/ interesting (yet also relatable) conversations to her, and she illustrates her interpretation of the person in question/ situation. I’ve always been so fascinated by people’s dating stories, and having a few of my own – I find this so entertaining.

@Oliviaostrom_; My favorite fitness account! I never used to follow any ‘fitness’ accounts – for many reasons, one being I’m picky af. Olivia is so cute, and an angel for posting such detailed workouts that I always save to replicate at the gym. Plus: she’s never sharing obnoxious pictures trying to sell protein powder/ something else I don’t care about; who else can’t stand that?! Instant unfollow lol.untitled 9 1333x2000 - Friday Favorites untitled 10 1333x2000 - Friday Favorites untitled 11 1333x2000 - Friday FavoritesSong: My favorite singer since I was 20  (Maren Morris) FINALLY released the first single off her second album. Her freshman album, Hero, is my favorite of all time; I’ve listened to it literally every day since it came out… So I’m obviously very stoked on some newness. Go give her song ‘Girl’ a listen!

Online Store: Runway Scout. Ugh, so disappointed that every single item they sell isn’t in my possession. Its’ just that cute, and I’ll let it speak for itself.untitled 5 1333x2000 - Friday Favoritesuntitled 3 1333x2000 - Friday FavoritesWhat are a few of our current faves at the moment?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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