LOFT COLLAB EDITS 17 - Traveling in (practical) Style

Traveling in (practical) Style

LOFT COLLAB EDITS 1 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleLOFT COLLAB EDITS 2 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleLOFT COLLAB EDITS 3 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleChristmas is 8 days away!? I’m still trying to digest the fact that it’s even December, let alone practically Christmas. (I like to blame this all on living in sunny Southern California, where seasonal confusion is common, expected and most importantly: completely acceptable.) A downside to the ‘it’s always sunny’ state-of-mind (and reality), can be a lacking winter wardrobe. I might be a summer girl through- and-through, but I can always get down with a good snow day look (especially if bringing it to fruition requires skipping town).

I’ve always been attracted to the added challenge that dressing for the cold bears. Managing to *still look chic (or even moderately put-together) amid snowfall is what separates the girls from the women… Isn’t that the widespread saying??LOFT COLLAB EDITS 4 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) Style LOFT COLLAB EDITS 5 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleLOFT COLLAB EDITS 6 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleSo here I am today, imagining I’m strolling the ski lodges of Aspen in my winter white ensemble. But… who is actually jetting off in hopes of a white Christmas? And in the remaining states- who’s fleeing town, praying for a Christmas in the sand?! Regardless of your destination, there’s one inescapable factor that I personally can’t get enough of: the travel outfit.LOFT COLLAB EDITS 7 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleLOFT COLLAB EDITS 8 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleTraveling in style is much like life: balance is a must! Of course, looking chic is non-negotiable, but impracticality can be a bit embarrassing- not to mention flat-out uncomfortable. Survey your wardrobe for those unique pieces that manage to accomplish the task of making you feel stylish AND content. For me, a cozy sweater is 100% that item (especially since planes are cold and it’s essentially the equivalent of wearing a blanket. Win-win). Headed somewhere chilly? Conserve luggage space by carrying your bulkiest coat/ jacket on with you. It completes your #TravelOOTD and merits space for even more fluffy sweaters; you’ll be reaching for your coat anyway, come landing, so you might as well get your cute pic in it before takeoff.LOFT COLLAB EDITS 9 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleLOFT COLLAB EDITS 11 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleLOFT COLLAB EDITS 13 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleWhat is your go-to winter travel look?! What are a few key pieces you always have at-the-ready in your carry-on? I’m sharing a few of mine below!LOFT COLLAB EDITS 16 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleLOFT COLLAB EDITS 17 1333x2000 - Traveling in (practical) StyleTravel/ carry-on Necessities:

350 - Traveling in (practical) Style
travel in style - Traveling in (practical) Style

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350 - Traveling in (practical) Style


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