Barn 10 - 'Plaid' About Autumn

‘Plaid’ About Autumn

Barn 6 1333x2000 - 'Plaid' About AutumnWhat’s more autumn than plaid? Probably weather below 70 degrees…. but whatever. What us Californians are unable to sport in outerwear, we make up for in seasonal patterns, over-enthusiasm, and pumpkin flavored everything. 🙂 Anytime September shows its face, you can assume that plaid is never far behind – it’s always a safe bet if you’re looking to make a quick escape out of summer. Ironically, plaid is one of my least favorite patterns, and I just got rid of a few pieces in my closet from… preppier days. (It’s always fascinating to see how your personal style evolves.) On the other hand, this dress doesn’t feel overtly preppy, collegiate, or give me (painful) flashbacks to my high school days working at Abercrombie and Fitch (lol), so you could say it’s my exception.Barn 8 1333x2000 - 'Plaid' About Autumn Barn 9 1333x2000 - 'Plaid' About Autumn What’s everyone’s favorite autumn print? If I had to choose, I think I’d say I prefer solids in any season, BUT I find fall/ winter so fun for horizontal  stripes (yikes- I know). I think they pair so well with a utility or sherpa lined jacket and some heeled boots. But, definitely not holding my breath for that one day out of the year I’ll finally get to wear that!Barn 10 1333x2000 - 'Plaid' About Autumn

Have a great Tuesday ya’ll! (P.S. don’t mind my dirty boots. Just getting in touch with nature.)


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