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Summer Skincare Routine

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I can’t believe my favorite season is almost coming to a close! I’m half dreading fall, but this recent Southern California heat has had me yearning for a cozy sweater moment. Anyone else?!

Before we completely transition into autumn, I wanted to share a post I’ve been sitting on for far too long: summer skincare. Skincare is all around just a fun topic. Who doesn’t love a crazy looking sheet mask or a rejuvenating face oil? Taking care of our skin is the ultimate indulgence that we can actually take pride in-  an enjoyable way to invest in yourself (and your future self).
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Daytime skincare routine:

Step one: Rosé Facial Toner

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a relationship with Travertine for a couple of years now, and they are not only my favorite skincare brand, but one of my favorite brands period. Long story short: Terry, the creator of the company, is such a generous, intelligent and talented soul, and all of his employees follow suit. I’ve loved every product of theirs I’ve tried, and I don’t think I could say that for many other brands.

That being said- this rosé facial toner has to be my favorite product of theirs! First of all…  rosé? I love rosé anything. It smells like roses, and can be used not only as a toner, but as a makeup setting spray.

*Refrigerate before use to amp up the freshness

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Step twoMoisture Surge Hydrating Concentrate I’ve been seeking all the moisture I can for my skin these days, and this gel is the perfect base for maintaining hydrated skin.

Step three: pH Balancing Moisturizer you guessed it – more hydration please 🙂 This formula contains retinol and green tea which help prevent wrinkles and increase collagen

Step fourHydro Boost Water Gel Love this formula and that it’s a gel + non-comedogenic!

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Step fiveHumectant Eye Gel Smoothes fine lines + wrinkles, promotes collagen, super cooling on eyes.

Step six: Finally, and most importantly: Sunscreen! My dermatologist wasted no time drilling the importance of using SPF EVERY SINGLE DAY into my head. It wasn’t that tough of a job, seeing as I love the idea of preventing/ minimizing (any kind) of damage. If you haven’t started  using it yet – start today! Even if you think it’s overcast, or you’ll only be outside for a few minutes…. do you remember how powerful the sun is?! Better safe than sorry, and it doesn’t hurt that this one smells heavenly.

What does your summer skincare routine look like? Any products you swear by that I need to hurry up and try already?


Enjoy your Tuesday!


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