VEGAS 1 29 - Vegas Packing List + Packing Tips

Vegas Packing List + Packing Tips

VEGAS 1 25 - Vegas Packing List + Packing Tips

Hi friends, welcome back! Last weekend, my sister and I drove to Vegas for a little sister weekend, and naturally, we had to make a pitstop at the beautiful Seven Magic Mountains! This summer has (already) consisted of 3 separate road trips, and I have to say, my packing skills have come a long way since my high school days spent stuffing last minute shoes, shirts, and outerwear into an already overstuffed (and overweight) suitcase. Over the years, layovers, luggage limits, and my disinterest in lugging miscellaneously packed bags around airports, train stations, and hotels for the rest of my existence, have all conspired to make me an altogether more strategic packer.

Now that I’m basking in the freedom that accompanies being an efficient packer, I wanted to bestow my favorite tips, as well as what to pack for those weekend getaways upon you all!

VEGAS 1 26 1500x2000 - Vegas Packing List + Packing TipsPacking tips:

  • Okay – I HATE checking bags. I grew up always checking them, but as I’ve gotten older, and I’ve begun traveling with friends or solo, it is the ultimate drag. There is obviously a time and place for it, but to the best of my ability, I avoid it.
  • Since I only carry my luggage on, there is the ultra-fun 3.4 oz rule that is impossible to ignore ( about a million times more obnoxious for us women).  I buy travel sizes of my favorite toiletries (that are available), and transfer all others from their containers into travel sized bottles. I have a bag full of face washes, toothpaste, q-tips, body wash, a lint roller, etc. that I ALWAYS leave intact, so I’m ready at the drop of a hat! Doing that has saved me so much trouble, because as a woman, I only need 328 different products just to take a shower, and this ensures that I don’t leave a single step at home.
  • A few months ago, my dad bought me a CALPAK, and my life is forever changed!! Melodramatic, but I mean it. It’s probably the biggest inspiration behind this blog post, because it has made me feel like such the efficient packer. In the deepest section, I place all of my shoes (and I mean all of them 😉 ), I place my undergarments/ bathing suits in the pockets, and the whole other side is available for my clothes. It has an elastic tie belt which has been a surprisingly favorite feature of mine, as it keeps my clothing in place, and everything perfectly sectioned.
  • Know Thyself! I use this phrase far too frequently (and often with a sarcastic tone), but it’s really something to consider. Ever seen those memes that talk about packing for a two day trip, and bringing every item in your closet (especially what you never even wear at home)?! Stop that! Deep down, we all know what we gravitate towards wearing on a daily basis, and it’s important that you don’t try to steer too far away from it. Remember, traveling changes us from the inside, out, so you’ll likely still enjoy wearing flip flops and jeans if that’s just who you are 😉 (and that’s ok!).

VEGAS 1 27 - Vegas Packing List + Packing TipsVEGAS 1 28 - Vegas Packing List + Packing Tips

Now onto what I packed for Vegas/  what I recommend for a weekend (girl’s!) trip…

1. Referencing #4 on my tip list, something I wear, basically regardless of weather conditions, is denim cutoffs and some kind of oversized tee, so I always make sure I have that option.

2. #PoolParties. My sister and I went to 2 pool parties, as well as the lazy river and pool at our hotel, so I brought 3 suit options. It depends on the amount of pool time you intend on, but I recommend bringing a one piece that can be worn with a skirt/ shorts, to maximize wearability.

3. Night life looks. One important detail is to try your outfits (especially for going out), prior to packing. You don’t want to be stuck with a million pieces that aren’t cohesive (what a waste of luggage space + you don’t even have a look that makes you feel confident!).  I try mine on and bring 2 additional options (what if I spill my mixed drink on my white dress?), usually dresses or rompers, since they take up less space.

VEGAS 1 29 - Vegas Packing List + Packing Tips4. Maximize shoes. Your destination will determine the footwear required, but it’s so important to bring versatile shoes. No matter where I’m traveling to, I know that some kind of tennis or sneaker will be relevant, so that’s what I generally wear to the airport (helps save luggage space as well). Vegas called for a few pairs of heels (I’m crazy and brought way more than I can justify), but generally a black pair of t-straps can be worn with anything and everything. Another non-negotiable is a comfortable sandal; these are good for the pool, beach, spa, exploring – you name it.

  5. Being a female also means we get to be concerned about which bags to bring. I tend to stick with a neutral cross body (safe and efficient); bonus points if you can remove the strap to wear it as a clutch at night! Next in line would have to be a leather backpack that can be used for hiking, or when you’re out for the day and carrying a light jacket, water/ the rest of your entire life, as we do.

6. I didn’t bring very many tops on this particular trip; as I mentioned, rompers can require less room, but if you’re bringing a pair of shorts and jeans (you should, anyway!), it only makes sense to bring along a few fun options. Since you’ll be re-wearing the bottom portion, your tops should be memorable and accessorized! I don’t like to bring along anything too complicated that I know I’ll prolong wearing. My go-to’s on a daily basis are usually a tied up button up, an off-the shoulder, or a bodysuit. These can all be dressed up or down, so that’s where #7 comes in…

 7. Lastly, please do accessorize! Whatever is practical for your trip, don’t be afraid to pack it and wear it! I have a slew of necklaces that I wear on a daily basis to modify and add character to my often times basic wardrobe. Don’t underestimate the power of a wide brim hat, a chain belt, or your favorite sunnies.

VEGAS 1 30 - Vegas Packing List + Packing Tips

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That was more extensive than intended.. ha. Thanks for sticking with me on that one! Hopefully you guys learned or were reminded of a thing or two. That has me wondering… where are you off to next? Thanks for stopping by!


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