IMG 8184 - Saying 'hi' to spring

Saying ‘hi’ to spring


IMG 8246 - Saying 'hi' to spring

Happy first day of spring! If there is one piece I find it difficult to step away from, regardless of the season, it’s a good ‘ol romper. Of course, during spring, this just means my obsession is heightened and topped off with lots of florals (exhibit A, exhibit B).

IMG 8217 - Saying 'hi' to spring

I’m not going to lie- spring used to be my least favorite season (for no apparent reason, come to think of it). There was a time when I would succumb to and favor the sadness that the rain and gloomy weather made me feel, and then I realized: wait- I actually love the sun! Not to always make things more deeply rooted than they need to be, but I think that embracing spring  required me facing the anxiety and depression that I’ve dealt with most my life; to get outside, feel the sun on my skin, remember how much life has to offer, and to not be so afraid to face what I am experiencing head-on.
IMG 8194 - Saying 'hi' to springIMG 8191 - Saying 'hi' to spring

Every year when spring rolls around, it feels like a reoccurring theme of being brave, accepting change, understanding that every season has its end, and mustering the strength to embrace a whole new season (of the year and of life). Apparently some things don’t have to change, because here I am once again in a floral romper, embracing the ever-uncertainty of this life. What is your attitude towards the official end of winter? Do you enjoy the change that spring often brings?

IMG 8184 - Saying 'hi' to springIMG 8207 - Saying 'hi' to spring

I’ve linked some adorable and affordable floral rompers that would be perfect for brunches, graduations, baby showers, beach dates, etc., all spring long. Also feel free to ditch the wedges for some more practical footwear, like lace-up sandals, for a more easy-going look. 🙂


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350 - Saying 'hi' to spring
350 - Saying 'hi' to spring