IMG 7906 2 - How to stay motivated during life's lulls

How to stay motivated during life’s lulls

IMG 7687 - How to stay motivated during life's lulls

Happy Monday guys! Today I’m sharing something a little different with this active look from Ellie Activewear; who else is obsessed with yoga pants, sports bras, and anything else active-related?! So what if we wear these outfits on more Starbucks and Target runs than we do on actual runs? No judgement. For $25.97, Ellie sends you 3 activewear pieces every month, so that your ‘workout collection’ can be ever-growing and overflowing-  just like mine! Ha.

IMG 7755 - How to stay motivated during life's lulls

Along with activewear usually comes the obligatory ‘my workout routine’ (or something of the sort) post, but I was in the mood to write about something a bit more inspired. Seeing as my life hasn’t felt the most inspired lately, I wanted to share 3 ways to stay motivated during life’s lulls.

IMG 7906 2 - How to stay motivated during life's lulls

1.Remember your ‘why’: this is something my co-workers actually introduced me to (shotout to Sarah and Kort!) Your ‘why’ is the objective behind the decisions that you make. What is your end-goal? What was your reason for even beginning in the first place? What motivates you? No two people have the exact same ‘why’, but it’s crucial to understand what yours is in order to remain motivated when you’re starting to feel burnt out. I think that my biggest ‘why’ is freedom; to me, living a life where I feel free to create, travel, experience, feel, and decide for myself, is incredibly important. We’ve all had moments where we’ve felt stuck, worked a job we despised, etc., but remembering your ‘why’ can help inject some optimism into those situations. What you’re dealing with right now might suck, but is it moving you closer to your end-goal? If so – that’s a win!

IMG 7894 2 - How to stay motivated during life's lulls

2. Compassion: this one might catch you off guard and seem a bit off the map, but compassion is something that has been making quite the appearance in my life these last few months (God knows I’ve needed it). I think that when we’re feeling unmotivated or sluggish, often times, a natural instinct is to get down on ourselves. Maybe you’re like me: the type of person who likes to map everything out, make lists, and pretend that by endlessly researching and taking mental notes, you’re somehow immune to LIFE. Research is great, and setting goals is critical to achieving them, but it’s time to make space for life to work its magic. Things are never going to go exactly as planned- draw inspiration from that, not discouragement. Have compassion with yourself; leave room for the messy and the mistakes, the unplanned and the unexpected- that’s where the most magic lies. IMG 7915 - How to stay motivated during life's lulls

3. Be a little selfish: there is something very admirable and attractive about someone who can say no: No, I don’t want to date you. No, I won’t be going to that party. This word is something I’m making great attempts to embrace in my life this year. All-in-all, I’ve learned that when you don’t say no, you end up resenting people. And the worst part about that? You can only blame yourself for not saying what you know you should have. Quit people pleasing! If you know that being in a certain environment/ with a certain crowd will drain you of your energy – don’t go. I see no point in sacrificing your energy/ mental health/ happiness simply to appease another human. (There are obviously exceptions – relationships require sacrifices, etc., etc..) I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit investing in people who honestly didn’t deserve it. After enough disappointments, I had to have a serious conversation with myself: why am I not using this energy more wisely?! I felt unmotivated, because I would give so much to other people, then leave scraps of energy, creativity, or happiness for myself. I’ve felt so much more confident and fulfilled since I began respecting my own need to say no: ‘No, I’m not going to your boyfriend’s sister’s best friend’s party, because I would rather stay home and reserve my energy for things I’m passionate about.’ #sorryyy 😉

This list was on the shorter side, and I definitely could’ve rambled on about how you should look at pictures of hot girls when you need motivation to workout, or print out pictures of the life you hope to have one day, but I think it comes down to those 3 things: Knowing what motivates you in the first place, having compassion on yourself when you aren’t getting the results you anticipated, and respecting yourself enough to be your biggest investor and cheerleader.

I wanted to write this post, because I think it’s so important to stand behind yourself! Whatever you currently need motivation to accomplish, no one but you is going to make that dream a reality, so you better love yourself enough to know that you deserve to make it happen.

I love you guys!

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