KJAER WEIS MAKEUP 7 - What to Wear on a Day-Date

What to Wear on a Day-Date

KJAER WEIS MAKEUP 7 - What to Wear on a Day-Date

I can’t lie- I am writing this post from the comfort of my bed, surrounded by cubes of Sugarfina rosé gummies… basically, being the best version of myself.

This past weekend, my mom and I went on a little ‘day-date’ in Orange (one of my favorite OC cities!). Pizza, cupcake, and of course shopping were all involved. This got me thinking: I love a good day-date!

Whether with your mom, bestie, boyfriend, or that new guy you met at the gym and are still hesitant to commit to an actual date with (I feel you, girl), there is something so blissful about spending QT together during the day. I feel especially blessed, being in Southern California- the weather is perfection 99% of the time, and sets the mood for the most positive of days.

KJAER WEIS MAKEUP 6 - What to Wear on a Day-Date

If you’re headed on a day-date, you have got to dress the part! I don’t know abut you guys, but I always enjoy using wherever I’m headed/ the activity I’m partaking in as the biggest inspiration behind my outfit of choice. I wanted to share a few of my tips for achieving the most ideal looks, so for convenience sake (on my part 😉 ) let’s assume your day will consist of lunching + shopping + wandering.

1. Embrace the outdoors! Maybe it’s raining in your city; time to make a statement with that eccentric umbrella you impulsively purchased & have been impatiently waiting to break out. That was clearly not my situation on this particular day. Due to eternal sunshine, I opted for a wool hat (trying to find the winter style/ sunny & 75 degrees balance here!). Make the most of what the day has to offer by allowing the weather to dictate the direction of your look (this can be hard for me. #Controlling).

KJAER WEIS MAKEUP 5 - What to Wear on a Day-DateKJAER WEIS MAKEUP 4 - What to Wear on a Day-Date2. Rethink your baggage! This one is funny, because my mom literally made fun of me for having a pack of rice cakes in my bag (don’t ask. I tote around my entire life on the daily). I considered wearing a smaller cross-body bag- which is my favorite style for hands-free shopping, but I was NOT in the mood to carry my camera separately, so naturally, I settled on the complete opposite! Maybe you just need your phone, chapstick, and some cash for your exploration, or maybe your day-date will evolve into an actual date, in which case, it’s nice to be prepared with a light jacket, or some lipstick.

KJAER WEIS MAKEUP 3 - What to Wear on a Day-DateKJAER WEIS MAKEUP 2 - What to Wear on a Day-Date3. Speaking of: how are you doing your makeup?! If this is a date-date, then you’re most likely overanalyzing every detail of your appearance, anyway. My advice when it comes to this: stick to the basics- especially since it’s a daytime occasion! Basically, wear what makes you feel the most ‘you.’

When it comes to makeup, I have 2 priorities (aside from my incurable bronzer addiction): 1. A wide eye. 2. A flirty lip. At this point, we are all hopefully aware of the fact that the right mascara can (quite literally) change your life, but what about its less appreciated younger sister, the pencil eyeliner?! I’m guilty of omitting it, myself. I wear eyeliner maybe once a week- but this does not undermine its value. I must give credit where it’s due: Kjaer Weis’ Eye Pencil (what I’m wearing in these pictures) is a game changer. It has 100% inspired me to be less lazy and dedicate that extra two-ish minutes to perfecting my wide-eyed day-date look!

KJAER WEIS MAKEUP 1 - What to Wear on a Day-Date

As for that flirty lip…. what gal doesn’t love a new lipstick/ gloss?! I’m willing to bet that any girl reading this has dozens to choose from on a daily basis- so which direction dare you go for such an occasion?! A few things: I love a matte lip, but what if your lips get all dry and chapped during the day? (Pulling out a mirror in the middle of a date isn’t the biggest turn-on in the book.) Lipgloss is great…but sticky, and can feel messy. And maybe this is just a personal problem (most likely – ha!) but my lipstick always finds its way under my bottom lip as time progresses/ cocktails are consumed, and I certainly don’t want to be concerned about that. I love, LOVE everything about Kjaer Weis’ Lip Tint -it’s the perfect hybrid of lipstick and lip balm!

I am wearing the shade ‘Sensuous Plum’ which is the perfectly elevated version of my natural lip color! I love that it doesn’t look over-done, but still showcases that effort was definitely made. Also- if the actual lip tint isn’t enough to convince you- would you look at the packaging?! So glamorous, + they have refills available.

KJAER WEIS MAKEUP 8 - What to Wear on a Day-Date

There you have it- a few of my most trusted tips for day-date dressing. If you take anything away- let it be that you should always be comfortable with what you’re wearing/ doing- dress for YOU!

Now… who has day-dates lined up for Saturday? 😉 I’m thinking it’ll be a girls only day-date in my world.

Thanks for stopping by- and special thanks to Kjaer Weis for my organic cosmetic goodies! All opinions are 100% my own!


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