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5 tips to get you out of your funk

E7A425C1 F89C 4F8D BCAE 034BE8AAA40A - 5 tips to get you out of your funkCLAYTON DRESS 6 - 5 tips to get you out of your funk

Hi lovely people! Today’s post is a little less on what to wear and a bit more about how to wear it (with confidence). I was inspired to touch on this topic when I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers, Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied. (Seriously #obsessed with she and her husband… and their dog, but that’s a whole other story.) I totally recommend giving that post a read if you are having one of those off days… or if you need to be reminded that literally every human has those days!

I know that for me, when I’m going through something difficult, it’s so easy to isolate myself and be tempted to throw a pity party; but as I’m getting older, I am so much less attracted to that idea, and would rather have a community of people who are able to relate to those emotions rallying behind me and encouraging me to try again.

All that being said: with this idea bouncing around in my head, and life being the constant uncertainty that it is, I wanted to share some thoughts on being resilient and essentially getting through those really crappy human moments that we are all susceptible to.

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I am no professional anything, certainly not a therapist (even though I pretend to be while shoveling out life/relationship advice to my girlfriends..), but being in my early 20’s, new to my career, not in a serious relationship- overall, living a quite uncertain and (bittersweetly) unestablished life, I’ve adapted to the realities of failing, feeling utterly lost, and (hesitantly) beginning again.

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Dress: c/o Clayton

So, here are 5 tips I like to keep in mind when it feels like I just can’t catch a break:

1: Community

As I briefly touched on, being surrounded by people who you can be yourself around will literally transform your life. You may not always be in the mood to dish out every undesirable detail regarding your life/work/relationships with anyone, and many times you really don’t need to. Sometimes, just knowing that you can spend time with friends watching cheesy reality shows, or meeting for coffee to get your mind on a happier subject can be enough of a reminder that you aren’t walking alone!

2: ‘A Long Gone Drive…’

That’s a line from my favorite singer, Maren Morris’s song ‘I Could Use A Love Song,’ and it always pops into my head when I feel like my brain is going to explode from all that is occurring around me (dramatic? Probably). Maybe I’m not the only one?! I love disregarding my phone, listening to my favorite album, and going for a solo drive. There is something about driving with no destination in mind that makes the ride so much sweeter, much like life- enjoying the uncertainty.

3: Out With The Old

This is something I’m learning about myself more recently; in the last few months, particularly, I’ve been really challenging my own brain and thoughts. I’m embarrassed to admit that many of the ideas running through my brain (quite frequently) were a bit stale. I was relying on what I always thought to be true, and I felt a bit disappointed when I came to the realization that there were many things I believed simply because I had accepted them years earlier! I think that challenging your thoughts is crucial (especially the negative ones). If you’re constantly feeling down, it might simply be time to clean-house- ‘out with the old thoughts, in with the new.’ All change begins in the mind, after all.

4: Live  a Little

I didn’t intend on letting my faux-philosophical side beat so intensely in #3, so allow me to bring things down to planet earth. Honestly- just have a good time. Everyone has a different definition of fun, but there is 100% something out there that will temporarily get your mind out of that negative space. Maybe it’s a night out with friends, or maybe it’s a daytrip with your significant other. But life is to be enjoyed; what good are we and what positive contribution are we making to society if we are constantly moping around?! Life is obviously about so much more than hopping from one party to the next, but the pressure of living a more purposeful life merits us a good GNO from time to time, right?! (Rhetorical question.) Don’t expect a shopping spree to solve all your life problems, but reward yourself. Chances are you aren’t giving yourself enough credit.

5: Where To Next?

One of my favorite lessons my father has taught me has been the power of envisioning what you want in life; I get strange looks when I attempt to explain this to people in my life, so let me further explain. From a young age, my dad always taught me to take what is in my mind- my ideas, dreams, where I see myself, what I want to accomplish, etc. and get it out into the world. One of my favorite ways of doing this is by creating mood boards. Mood boards are my absolute obsession, and I’m currently on the hunt for a job that will allow me to spend 8 hours a day making them (just to reference my obsession level). I’ve been making one before my birthday every year; curated with images I find on Pinterest that embody the 365 days that I want to work towards. Many of the photos are places I hope to travel to- and I always remember that even if I’m not headed to Switzerland tomorrow, it’s always on my mind, and furthermore, always a great reminder to opt to save $ instead of splurging on instant gratifaciont (aka clothes).


I truly hope that one/ some of these points resonated with you guys. I think the most important takeaway is that feeling down, rejected, and discouraged are universal emotions that we all face. But I think they can unify us if we allow it. Love you all!


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