Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

BIKINI LAB 1 2 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainBIKINI LAB 1 3 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainHi all! Happy Tuesday, happy short work week, and happy first blog post in admittedly way too long. I could jump into every reason I took a break from publishing posts (and there are a fair amount), but let’s just chalk it up to: I’ve been doing what I do best: LIVING. 😉 These summer months that were (sadly) void of blog posts, were happily filled with work, trips to Seattle and Napa, various day trips, new relationships, journaling, rosé cheers, goal setting, and getting my hands dirty by doing some less than thrilling ground work — that my future self will thank me for (at least she better).BIKINI LAB 1 4 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainI’m beginning September, and soon autumn, with the much needed reminder that the old needs to be broken down and discarded in order to create room for fresh patterns, habits, and ways of living. After enough resistance, I can finally say I’m in the stage of complete elation at what’s to come, and no longer have interest in wasting a shred of energy by holding on to what I’ve outgrown.BIKINI LAB 1 5 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainAnother concept I’ve been enamored with these last few months has been our capability to change and grow, as humans. Time can be a frustrating construct, but so long as it exists, we might as well take advantage of whatever perks we manage to identify. One being: it is such a wonderful excuse (and tool) to measure our progress.
The end of last October was notably one of the toughest times (mentally) for me, and I’ve replayed the Friday afternoon when I had my worst panic/ anxiety attack to date in my mind on a weekly basis. As you may have guessed- not an enjoyable or peaceful memory, but every time it’s recalled, I feel stronger with the time, experience, and knowledge that separate me from that day. If time was measured differently – or not at all- it wouldn’t be nearly as easy to place of an emphasis on how much I’ve grown since then.BIKINI LAB 1 6 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainI’m forever dedicating time to reflecting; reading old journals, running (briefly) through past situations that I feel have shaped me, and formulating game plans to be better than all my yesterdays. And many times just flat out failing…. but that’s a crucial part of every journey, so might as well get it out of the way!BIKINI LAB 1 7 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainBIKINI LAB 1 8 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainBIKINI LAB 1 9 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainBIKINI LAB 1 10 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainBIKINI LAB 1 17 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainBIKINI LAB 1 15 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainBIKINI LAB 1 14 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainBIKINI LAB 1 13 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainSide note: how adorable is this one piece by Bikini Lab?! I’m so smitten with the color, and don’t get me started on the belt detail.BIKINI LAB 1 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainBIKINI LAB 1 26 - Guess Who's Back, Back AgainThanks for checking in! That’s it for today, but I promise to be back sooner rather than later (and even sooner on IG!).
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