Life as of Late

CHOICE HOTELS SHOOT 1 18 1333x2000 - Life as of LateCHOICE HOTELS SHOOT 1 19 1333x2000 - Life as of LateHi, it’s me again – quite possibly the worst writer/ blogger. Kidding… not kidding. As time progresses, I’m learning the beautiful balance that is pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone (when I don’t feel like blogging), and showing myself some grace when I want to keep a little of life to myself.

All that to say: I wanted to throw out a little of what life has been like lately. Anyone else feel like things change SO quickly? Maybe it’s the industry of uncertainty I’m in and have become accustomed to, but I can start the week with one idea, thought, etc., and end it on the opposite side of the spectrum. This has been such an eye-opening lesson (the last 6 months, or so). Things change. And often times, they change quickly. This has been a constant phrase pummeling through my brain when I’m tempted to feel stressed, discouraged, sad, or any other negative emotion.  By the time I’ve worn myself out from over-analyzing, imagining all possible outcomes, and preparing for the worst, I’ve come full circle, and realize that I’m perfectly safe (just mentally exhausted)!
untitled 1 6 1333x2000 - Life as of Lateuntitled 1 7 1333x2000 - Life as of LateI’m forever feeling like I’m at a crossroads in this life; with endless possibilities and options, along with every fresh opportunity that being in your 20’s offers. I’ve pitched myself a tent and now find the state of the unknown to be the most comforting. Ironically, this has created its own set of issues for me. With a world of adventure and experience just outside my door, I’m finding it difficult to commit to any one way of life. How will I know unless all avenues have been given fair consideration?! Anyhow, if this is the highlight of my current life issues, I’m counting my blessings. (And continuing to weigh all options until I find one I don’t want to steer my eyes off of.)untitled 1 1333x2000 - Life as of Lateuntitled 1 4 1333x2000 - Life as of LateI just got back from working a week and a half job with Hangtime Media, and: I’m having withdrawals! We spent time exploring Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, and all I can say is: holy mountains. This was by far, my favorite job I’ve ever worked. From the travel to the amazing crew, it felt a bit more like a vacation. Let me be cliche for a moment: I feel SO blessed to be doing what I love. I feel incredibly at peace.

Every time I travel, I get a bit anxious before my departure. Not because I’m afraid of flying, or that I fear I may not have packed properly, but because I know I’ll be a slightly different person when I return. I’m sure we can all relate. Traveling changes us. A break in our daily routine, what we see, who we interact with, and how we frame our days is bound to make its mark. Truthfully, I love this aspect of traveling! It feels like you’re picking up souvenirs for your soul; expanding your perspective of this world and the people in it.

Circling back to how I’ve been feeling lately, traveling has further encouraged my soul to keep on in exploration mode. I’m embracing my wandering, now more than ever (which says a lot, if you know me); which is also inadvertently pushing back the date of any real plans of settling down (getting married, etc… Sorry mom!).untitled 1 2 1333x2000 - Life as of LatePhotos by my faux beau, Chris Damon – @itschrisdamon


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