How To: The Transparency Trend

Houndstooth 1 52 1333x2000 - How To: The Transparency TrendHoundstooth 1 44 1333x2000 - How To: The Transparency TrendHoundstooth 1 46 1518x2000 - How To: The Transparency TrendNewest regulations surrounding the types of bags allowed into stadiums coupled with diehard nostalgia have bred a trend I like to call: transparency! I know I’ve geeked out a lot in the past about how trends get their start… but I just can’t help it.

I bought this mesh duster a few months back as a coverup for my suit while in Vegas, and recently had the thought “hey, I should wear this as an actual outfit”, so that I did. This trend can be as mild or bold as you prefer, so I thought it would be fun to show a few different ways to subtly (or otherwise) incorporate it into your fall wardrobe.Houndstooth 1 45 1333x2000 - How To: The Transparency TrendHoundstooth 1 47 1521x2000 - How To: The Transparency Trend

4 Ways to style the transparent trend

Mesh duster this item definitely leans more towards mild, if we’re looking to rate it. Perfect for an outfit that needs that little something extra to tie it together, but a jacket would be too heavy. Pair it with your favorite swim or denim and you’re good to go, girl.

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 The Bag this one is inevitable if you plan on attending any football games (which I do not. Like, at all). Maybe you’re being forced to make outfit modifications in the name of safety, but who says you have to sacrifice stye?! Not me – so make the most of it with these unique bags. Timeout: how FABULOUS is this Chanel one?? I might actually watch a football game if someone bought me it. Just a thought.

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Houndstooth 1 50 1333x2000 - How To: The Transparency TrendHoundstooth 1 49 1458x2000 - How To: The Transparency TrendThe Shoe a sexy yet sophisticated approach; if you’re looking to be confidently understated, this one is for you. Any of these shoes would bring a breath of fresh air to an all black ensemble!

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Simple Accessories the most subtle of them all. Sprinkle a little transparency into your wardrobe, here and there – sans any real commitment. I bought some similar mesh socks earlier in the year, and they’re still awaiting their debut, but I’ll keep you all informed 😉


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Time for me to go hunt down some Advil and another chai. Hope you enjoyed today’s post! What’s your transparent piece of choice?!

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