School Girl Style

Houndstooth 1 2 1501x2000 - School Girl StyleHoundstooth 1 3 1333x2000 - School Girl StyleIt’s time for me to head back to school! Just kidding. I wish, though. Whenever people ask me about my college experience, I always close in saying “I wish I could go back!” And it’s (mostly) true *crying face*. I didn’t have your ‘typical college experience’, which was both exciting and frustrating for me. When I stopped comparing what I was living to what I thought I should be doing, I was able to drop any trace of regret or resentment and realize – I’m exactly where I’m meant to be! (Still an important reminder when experiencing the ever-consuming disease that is comparison.)Houndstooth 1 4 1401x2000 - School Girl StyleFor those who may not know, I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where every day was literally a fashion show! I was on the train one day, and some business guy saw my school bag and was like, “is it true that there’s a dress code and you have to dress up every day?” LOL. That’s actually untrue, but when you’re going to school with some of the most stylish people in the country (and you’re passionate about fashion), you tend to want to look your best – even for 8 am math classes. This meant one thing for sure: endless inspiration. I remember looking at some of the girls in my class and admiring their personal style, always looking forward to what they’d wear next week. (Please don’t tell my instructors this is what I was really thinking during 3 hour classes.)Houndstooth 1 5 1333x2000 - School Girl StyleHoundstooth 1 11 1385x2000 - School Girl StyleHoundstooth 1 10 1376x2000 - School Girl StyleI guess I could make a bigger connection of this all (since I’m me…): no matter who you are, it’s inspiring and encouraging to be surrounded by like-minded people. There was so much diversity on my college campus, but we all had one (major) thing in common, and it was an instant bonder. It’s awesome how similar, yet dissimilar we can all be. Our similarities bond us early on, but our dissimilarities challenge us, promoting growth (!). You’re probably thinking “how/ why did you derive all that from a simple tweed skirt?” And don’t worry, I ask myself that daily.Houndstooth 1 9 1333x2000 - School Girl StyleHoundstooth 1 8 1333x2000 - School Girl StyleHoundstooth 1 7 1392x2000 - School Girl StyleHoundstooth 1 21 1333x2000 - School Girl StyleWho doesn’t love a good backpack for autumn (or any other season, really)? It’s difficult to avoid the inevitable ‘looking like a student whose parents let borrow the car for the day’ when toting around a backpack, but maybe it’s time to embrace such assumptions. In fact, if someone is looking to invest in one new bag, I would hands-down suggest a leather backpack. Functional, timeless, versatile, even, dare I say – cute.

…You know it’s time to move on from summer when you break out the booties over the sandals. I’m not crying, you’re crying 🙁

Houndstooth 1 19 1333x2000 - School Girl StyleHoundstooth 1 17 1333x2000 - School Girl StyleHoundstooth 1 16 1376x2000 - School Girl StyleWhat would your ‘first day of school outfit’ be if you were sill in school?! Boots or sneakers? Mini skirt or your brand new jeans? 😉Houndstooth 1 15 1333x2000 - School Girl StyleHoundstooth 1 14 1375x2000 - School Girl Style

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