Revolve Carnival x Gratitude: Week 3

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Good morning, and happy Friday! You didn’t think I forgot about week 3 of The Gratitude Challenge, did you?

Week 3: Family: This is a big one, and there is no possibility of expressing everything I feel towards my family in this simple blog post. Well, I love the idea of family in general, because I like that we are bound to them. No matter how many disagreements, conflicts, or misunderstandings, at the end of the day – they are irreplaceable. You can’t just say ‘I’m finding myself a new mom/ dad/ sibling’ every time things become uncomfortable. This might seem like a nonissue to many people, but my wandering soul/ self has a tendency of moving on from people, places, and basically anything else far too easily, because sometimes that’s what life calls for. BUT I will always carry my family with me, because they created me! Every dad-joke-induced laugh, hug from my mom, and sleepover with my sisters has formed me. There is no ‘me’ without them, and I don’t think any other person in my life truly knows me until they’ve spent time with my wild family. They might drive me crazy, disapprove of some of my decisions, and steal my clothes… but I do the exact same back! 😉

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Ironically enough, I had the scariest nightmare about my family this morning, and woke up alone in a dark hotel room, bathed in anxiety. I called my mom, and instantly felt at home. I guess that’s what family is to me, at the end of the day. No matter how far I wander, what I discover about life, or how many times I change my mind, I am so grateful to know that I have people who not only know me so deeply, but want to continue to invest in the person I am becoming. Family is home – a safe place – somewhere your soul can rest. And that looks and feels different for everyone!

What are you grateful for about your family?tularosa 10 1333x2000 - Revolve Carnival x Gratitude: Week 3Okay… now I need to quickly transition into style because I looove this dress. I won it at the Revolve Carnival, which I went to with my friend Bri, and it was a BLAST. You know your girl loves her snacks, and as I shared in this caption, I really went for it. lol. We also rode some rides, and duh, stalked my favorite attendees from IG. Aaand our fun was quickly shaken when our Lyft driver ran a red light and almost hit a pedestrian 🙂 Anyone else always have the weirdest experiences with Lyft/ Uber?!

This ‘belt’ is actually a three-strand necklace I bought a few months back from Ann Taylor, but it matched so well, it was begging to switch roles for a day. You gotta do what you gotta do.tularosa 11 1333x2000 - Revolve Carnival x Gratitude: Week 3tularosa 13 1350x2000 - Revolve Carnival x Gratitude: Week 3tularosa 1375x2000 - Revolve Carnival x Gratitude: Week 3

What do you have planned for this weekend? I can’t believe it’s here already. Have a fabulous Friday, friends!


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  1. Louis orta says:

    Week 3
    Family huh? Okay, I’m most grateful for my dad! He showed me how to be a GOOD MAN. Work hard, love your woman, have respect, stand up for myself (aka kicking someone’s butt if they need it) and have lots of fun.
    My mom, I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned in life through her. More “what not to do” however, what I really appreciate about her is the openness and understanding she has to any topic of discussion. We are an open book with full secrets. Shes always been that way and I’ve tried to be just that in my relationships.
    My siblings- those crazy people! I’m greatful.for the times we had when we were all younger. We live far from one another and that’s really hard at times. I still see my 21 year old sister as a 12 year old girl. Invention her first because I wish I could be there for her the most. Anyways, before I dive deep into something else…. my brothers, much gratitude toward them because one taught me how to take a butt kickin and the other one taught me what it was like to kick someone’s butt. Haha brother stuff:)
    Another family I greatful for is the United States Marine Corps. I not getting into details about that but I needed to put that out there.

    That’s what I got this week for ya.. see you tonight at family bowling.

    1. Yay, your family is awesome. Can’t wait to spend more time with them (roadtrip to Texas? 🙂 ) I love that you have lots of family to learn from and lean on!

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