Why I’m Obsessed with the Beach!


Is it really too early to be craving summer?! I’ll even settle for spring at this point. This past year and a half have been strangely eye opening to the fact that I LOVE the sun. I grew up being dragged to the beach on hot summer days so my mom could get her tan on while catching up with girlfriends. I detested every grain of sand that would stick to my body, and wanted to go home the moment I finished my lunch (are we really surprised at that fact?).


Becoming okay with the beach, and then becoming a fan of it has been a process of becoming a fan of a less hindered version of myself. When I’m at the beach- I’m at the ocean’s mercy! My naturally curly hair becomes its untamable self, and I have no choice but to be reminded of just how small I, and my problems, are in the grand scope of things.

I think that being near the ocean, or in the mountains, a forest, desert, etc.. forces out a more honest version of us, and I find myself very attracted to that concept! Some of my most grounded moments have been spent while immersing myself in nature, and I am constantly contemplating how to create more of those moments. (One of my favorites of those times!)


Much lighter and unrelated sidenote I just recalled: A couple of years ago, I drove down to the beach for some alone time spent reading and listening to music, when this guy I didn’t know began waving at me from 30 or so feet away. (lol awkward…) He then had the genius idea to get up and sit practically on top of me. Like, boy who invited you to my beach towel?!… Not the kind of grounding afternoon I was looking for, ya know? 😉 That’s just an example of the kind of bizarre and uncomfortable events that take place in my life.


Top: Bought this last year from Anthropologie. This one is a cute option for this season!

More on this jacket I ‘made’: Here

If you’re looking for a pop of yellow to wear at the beach: I am obsessed!!

So- I suppose that’s a bit on why I love summer/ the beach so much (minus that strange guy, obviously). Now, the million dollar question, if you could only choose one: mountains or ocean?!

P.S., these pictures were taken while I was in La Jolla, and the hotel has an ocean view, making this beach conversation not entirely off-topic, right?

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 4.56.55 PM