My SoCal Autumn Uniform


Well, as of the 22nd- it’s fall ya’ll- and I consider this my autumn uniform (living in SoCal, and all…)

I bought these black booties almost two years ago for probably $30. They’ve definitely ‘seen a few winters’/ bars/ airports/ first dates… but all of our history together just makes me love them all the more 😉 I can’t help but the think of the bootie as the official fall footwear of choice. Depending on where you live, soon enough it’ll be time to trade the self-expressive street style shoes for some practical rain boots or snow shoes (booo). So, I say soak up every moment of height that you can before you’re forced into functionality.


I can’t say that I’ve mentioned this before, but Pinterest is my all time favorite app/ social media platform/ source of outfit inspo. I have a board dedicated to every season, because it can become so overwhelming when you’re rushing to get ready, standing cluelessly in front of your closet, and trying to find common ground between the weather and your mood. For me, that is the ultimate’ nothing to wear’ moment (and also happens 5 times a week). But having everything in one place, organized, and at-the-ready is my dream come true.

That being said: as of my current inspiration, I’m thinking that toothpick jeans (sadly not pictured..) and belts are going to be driving forces these next few months. Ironically, I’m on the hunt for a trusted belt and pair of jeans. So I guess we’ll see if this ever comes to fruition.

YAY for outerwear! I realized my love for outerwear only last year, but isn’t it so fun? Ha, maybe that’s because I grew up only ever needing a light jacket, but I think that a third piece is just another opportunity to show some style. (Until you actually really need the jacket- then it’s survival mode all the way, and it doesn’t matter what you look like at that point.)

Outfit Details:

Similar crushed velvet bodysuit: here

Boyfriend jeans: here

Splurge-worthy booties: here


What do you guys consider your ‘fall uniform’? I’m beyond jealous if the weather in your area permits you to wear faux-fur and leggings on the regular 😉

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Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 4.56.55 PM


  1. Kooks’ mom says:

    Winter outfit: rainbows, yoga pants and Smokey. But most of the time my sisters dress me, luckily.

    1. haha. We love your smokey. And now you have a new sweater/ sweats to add to the mix.

  2. Great read! And to be honest, I would do anything to live in a state where wearing a fur coat is practical? But unfortunately living in California that is pretty much out of the question. Its still a bit to warm to wear. :/

    1. Thanks for reading Kitty! Totally with you- wish we could wear cute coats without suffering so much ha. XO

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