Champagne Patch Denim Jacket

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Growing up, my mom was always sewing my sisters and me little outfits/ costumes/ literally anything she could manage, and taught me how to sew by hand at a pretty young age (I’m still no pro). Mastering the art of sewing a pillow was satisfying enough for me, but lately I’ve been realizing I may have dismissed this hobby a bit prematurely.

*Disclaimer: people assume that since I went to design school I should know how to sew a couture gown (I wish), but since I studied merchandising & marketing, I mostly lugged around calculators and foam boards vs. sewing supplies and dress forms.

All of this to say- I drug my mom to the fabric store with me the other week, where I found and fell in love with this champagne patch! I knew I had to get it on a denim jacket asap. Patchwork is huge this season, and will remain relevant through autumn. Patches and embroidery are a great yet simple way to embrace customization and self-expression- and of course, are perfect conversation starters if you’re looking to make new friends. 🙂

I know I’ll be wearing my jacket all summer long- packing it along for beach trips that head into the evening. What patches would you guys choose to sew on your jacket?! I definitely recommend you go on the hunt for a patch that epitomizes you- and take the time to customize a piece for yourself!

Love you all, have a happy Friday!


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